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Loop Animation representing global warming

What started it?

This is going to get personal, motion was probably one of my first experience with graphic design. I started doing stop motion videos, cell animation and 3D before I was twelve years old! I won't be showing any of that day maybe. But it only made sense when I switched from my previous career to dive back into animated content. You will find below my very first showreel, followed by a few more detailed projects.


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Showreel 2022


After I graduated from Shillington — a very intense year — in 2021, I wanted to keep learning new skills. I went back to my roots, started all over again with the twelve principles of animation and got involved in a bunch of Motion Design projects. Here's my first ever showreel. Being in the middle of an exponential learning curve, I encourage viewers to look at my more detailed projects below, gathering more recent work.

Old boy

storyboard of Old Boy - handstoryboard of Old Boy - mouthstoryboard of Old Boy - prisonstyleframe of Old Boy - handstyleframe of Old Boy - mouthstyleframe of Old Boy - prison


If you haven't seen Old Boy, please stop right here and go watch this masterpiece.

This was a concept work for the opening credits of the movie. A travel between Oh Dae-su’s ignorance and thirst for revenge, before drowning into madness. This project concluded my first year learning about motion design and 3D.

It remains a case I am very proud to show in my portfolio.

Old Boy excerpt, cloth in motion

Ravie's Tournament

Ravie what?

Ravie is a motion design studio, led by Austin Bauwens and Noah Damon Wilde, that engages with its community in various ways. They organized their first motion design tournament back in May 2023: an elimination tournament divided in three weeks, three successive rounds, starting with eight competitors, ending with one winner.

Each week we were given a specific brief (theme, duration). All contestants could earn tokens and spend them as a bonus/malus (e.g. to force your opponent to use a random effect of After Effects). Submissions were then reviewed every Monday during a YouTube live. In the event of a tie, viewers could vote for the round's winner.

I am very proud to have won this first edition of the tournament (it was a tight game!). You can find all my submissions on my Instagram page but I will detail this last round's animation. The theme was "The Elements" and as a malus I had to include a specific shape in my video.

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styleframe 1 of Ravie Tournamentstyleframe 2 of Ravie Tournamentstyleframe 3 of Ravie Tournament

The Elements

The idea started with alchemy, the classical elements typically refer to earth, water, air, fire. By combining them, you could create everything and anything. I then received what we may call "the shape of death" from my opponent. Lucky me, the shape was composed of precisely four elements!

I decided to tweak the storyline: the four usual elements would now be represented by the elements composing this shape. By bringing them together, one could create a powerful entity, that would allow you to travel to another dimension!

Monday's Challenge

What is this all about?

Oh well oh well, what got me into that. A fun little challenge that pushed me to explore more about motion, and to do so on a weekly basis.